Vision & Mission

Our vision

To be a leading player in the global API market through our astute knowledge in generics, exhaustive research capabilities and comprehensive intellectual properties.

Our mission

To cultivate long term strategies with our current and future customers utilising our proven ability for high quality and efficiency, and working cohesively to supply products that are scientifically sound and commercially viable.

Our values:


Quality: Quality is paramount to all that we do, including our people and our products. We are committed to delivering quality healthcare products around the world. Our business approach is designed to achieve quality results that go beyond the expectations of all of our stakeholders.


Passion: At Melody Healthcare, we are passionate about what we do. It drives us from within and helps us serve clients with confidence and conviction.

Customer-centric: We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers, and are always focused on customer satisfaction. We constantly strive to understand our customers, their needs and their business objectives, which, in turn, helps us serve them better.


Innovation: Innovation is key to improving the quality of life and we are always striving to achieve the highest levels of scientific excellence.

Eco-conscious: We act responsibly towards our environment and are committed to nurture and protect our ecosystem.

Above all, Integrity: Integrity is synonymous with the Melody brand and we demand the highest ethical standards of ourselves, making sure that we achieve success by doing things the right way.